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Drekkiebust #1B: The Trouble with Meerkats (Part 2/2)

Stardate: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I just tackled one naugty Meerkat's STDing diatribes on his own website form yesterday and today on earlier today on Drekkiebust #1A: The Trouble with Meerkats (Part 1/2) but this time, it's not about STD and instead about another sci-fi turd that I hate the most before and not counting STD, Titan A.E. toxicity.  As I sated previously, I'll tackle this Meerkat's treacherous Fall 2014 comments to me on this Titan A.E. Motivational Poster with his dirty work in "italics" and my words in regular font.

10/28/2014: "Death and violence do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. Violent death (such as the sort seen in shows like Spartacus) is a different ball-game entirely to the more clinical destruction of earth in Titan AE. You don't have guts flying around. You're not seeing people suffer in agony as limbs are cleaved from their bodies."

To quote Mr. Spock in "The Immunity Syndrome" [TOS], "It's easier for you to to understand the death of one than the death of a million."  The Holocaust which killed MILLIONS was more violent than the violent death of one since millions died horrific deaths in gas chambers etc, plus Christopher Columbus and his henchmen were very violent to the Natives.  Hence letting the Drej blow up Earth and other habitable planets thereafter while saving the Titan is extremely violent.

"Another aspect is - if I recall the film correctly (and admittedly it has been a while) most of earth had been evacuated prior to the Drej attack."

Perhaps, but too many pepel were needlessly killed and the Drej attack 100% could've been avoided just as easily as Kevin Sadism McCallister's iconic cornucopia of deadly booby traps in Home Alone.  Home Alone too is very violent and dangerous via imitation of the pranks.

"If we're going to argue for violence and suffering, then Star Trek: First Contact has the entire human race turned into Borg drones, a process involved forced surgical procedures and never-ending slavery."

You have a point about the second TNG film being violent and full of suffering with the entire human species turned into Borgs, but that doesn't excuse having the Drej destroy earth just for us to save one spaceship instead of other planets that the Drej intend to destroy next.

11/08/2014a: "In the eyes of the companies that regulate and rate films for age groups,  Titan AE does not contain swearing, nudity or blood and gore. The presence and frequency of such things is the yardstick. I would have no problem with my four year-old daughter watching Titan AE (though I suspect it wouldn't hold her interest). I would not let her watch Alien, or Terminator, or films filled with genuine acts of violence."

Titan A.E. may not contain nudity, swearing,, blood, nor gore, but it still should've been rated AT LEAST PG-13  Home Alone is yet another movie which predates Titan A.E. by a decade (Home Alone 1990) and 8 years (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 1992) that shouldn't have been rated PG due to the textbook sadism of the pranks, yet Kevin McCallister's sadistic films were only rated PG anyway.  The companies responsible for rating movies make mistakes too including in film ratings like they did when rating both Home Alone and Titan A.E. only PG.  Sad that you have no problem with a four-year-old watching Titan A.E. despite how it's messed up set of concern and priority of caring much more about things than saving countless lives is extremely inappropriate.

11/08/2014b: "If examined from a military POV, yes, the act of destroying a planet is violent. This is not however, how film makers and raters define violence. There is no disemboweling, beheading or limb chopping. No is being burned alive, or tortured or raped.

(Film are also defined by nudity and language, but that's rather by and by in this instance)."

Though I'm not military, letting the Drej destroy Earth while we defend and cling to one spaceship (Titan Project) is very violent and dangerous as in leaving countless others to die all for the sake of an inanimate object you cherish as your "only hope", and that's deranged!  Movie ratings too are flawed and Titan A.E's wrongful PG rating is no exception to this, not by a longshot.

"There is also the necessary distinction between the outlandish sci-fi setting of Titan AE and it's fantastical technology, and realistic or true stories which involve genuine consequences (such as WWII stories). One is the portrayal of unrealistic events in an unrealistic setting and the other is something far more relatable. The authorities that rate films take this sort of thing into consideration."

Just because Titan A.E. is in a sci-fi setting rather than a real-life based one doesn't mean that it isn't too violent.   Caring much more about the Titan Project than saving ours or others' planets from the Drej is extremely violent in that it leaves billions to trillions (human or alien) for dead by the Drej for fifteen grueling years! 

"There is the argument that the bad guys in Titan AE act for no good reason when they destroy earth. I disagree. Whatever claims the Drej make about being invincible are just that - claims. The events of the film demonstrate they are vulnerable and it's established that the Titan Project was seen by the Drej as a potentially significant threat to them. To the Drej, a first strike policy is the best defence."

Other Titan A.E. fanboys like a Silver Jedi on a defunct forum and a member of a Facebook group I'm in whom I blocked all said no one and nothing could've saved Earth form the Drej.  Silver Jedi said the Drej were written to be unstoppable for the purposes of the story.  The Titan isn't a serious threat to Drej when compared to LIVING MACHINES which science fiction has explored for a long time before and after Titan A.E. since high A.I. can be a more pervasive threat to Drej than wild cards like the Titan.  Too bad Titan A.E. lacks both imagination and believably.

"Now to quote directly from a response to me elsewhere:

"Are you out of your mind?  Titan A.E. should have been rated at least PG-13 instead of the PG rating it got.  If I were a dad, I would not only bar my kids form watching such a movie, but also teach them to despise Titan A.E. for its incredible and sometimes "clean war"-style barbarism.  I would not let my children play with war had I been a father."

The big thing here is simply that I would not restrict my daughter so unnecessarily, and I wouldn't encourage her to hate things at all, let alone to the point of such enduring hate and fixation on a movie. I think I know which premise is more psychologically harmful in the long term."

I wasn't being too restrictive and instead not wanting to let kids watch bad influences whether they be Home Alone, Titan A.E, or your beloved STD which was properly rated TV-MA.  If you want restrictive, look at Germfather Nathanial Muir's scribblings about how he won't let his godson watch the Star Wars prequels (esp. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace) all due to his own toxic nostalgia and GATEKEEPING!

11/09/2014: "I really don't understand where this is going. I get that you hate this film but the tremendous vitrol you're displaying seems waaaay over the top. You talk in terms of films being dead - and I think you're so blinded by misdirected rage toward a movie that you cannot split the outlandish sci-fi setting of the film from events of the film. I also think you don't understand the film nearly as much as you think you do because you can only see it through rage-tinted glasses."

And you're obviously willfully ignorant of my concerns with Titan A.E. which should be so OBVIOUS to anyone with at least half a brain.  You sound like a Home Alone fanboy who can't see someone else's problems with Kevin McCallister and his death pranks.  Outlandish sci-fi setting doesn't excuse Titan A.E's emphasis on the Titan being more important to our salvation than saving other habitable planets from the same fate as Earth.

"It's a movie. In my eyes a rather average one. It's not suggesting we should destroy earth for fun or that exterminating humanity is a good thing. Yes, it contains things that violate the laws of physics but so does nearly every sci-fi film and show. Your pursuit of this film is akin to your complaints about another individual complaining about a specific film all the time."

The other individual you compare me to is retired and all his reasons for hating that other specific film have been debunked to death by others anyway.  Whereas I've went on like I did in the 2010s  about Titan A.E. because of one Titan A.E. apologist on a defunct forum who emotionally traumatized me with his "nothing can save earth form the Drej" remarks in his vein attempt to get me to like the movie.

11/11/2014: "I am fine with agreeing to disagree. I will state (once again) that I neither like or dislike Titan AE. I disagree with your rhetoric and I think you have misunderstood the film but that's by and by."

True we can agree to disagree on Titan A.E. but that movie should be at least for ages 11 and up to be fair.  But the thing is that people like you take me for an idiot claiming that my objections are somehow unhealthy and tell me to "get over it" which only makes matters worse.  Not even teenagers should watch STD and thank goodness that Poo-Poo Drek got a proper TV rating of TV-MA, unlike Home Alone and Titan A.E's wrongful PG ratings.  One more comment to go.

11/13/2014: "I don't know why you're complaining about Titan AE violating the laws of physics. Almost all sci-fi does this - Star Trek, Star Wars, B5, Doctor Who, Avatar, Alien, Stargate, Firefly... the laws of physics are the first things to go out the window when it comes to sci-fi."

Sorry for getting carried away on the physics things for sci-fi but my core point against Titan A.E. remains a FACT, that it's a pernicious movie for letting its villains destroy Earth while its "heroes" only save one spaceship instead of other planets from the same fate.

"My advice is to remember this and to try and redirect this pent-up fury you have. It's not healthy to cling to it so tightly for the sake of a film, and I think it shows that no, you don't understand it all that well. It looks like, judging from your profile, this film has been an issue for you for years. Why pay it ANY mind at all?"

I reject your bad advice since it doesn't address the underlying cause of my upset and instead tried to excuse Titan A.E's crimes and BTW; I've been curbing my Titan A.E. bashing, doing it less than I used to mainly because I resolved my Silver Jedi problems in this video:
But I just had to get all of this off my chest so please don't respond to this post if you have a problem with it or you will start the problem that Silver Jedi instigated all over again.  So Meerkat Musings; If I were you, I would've kpet my mouth shut and not post any comments on that Titan A.E. Motivational Poster and instead remember and honor the truce with OrionSagan, but you didn't.

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