Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Drekkiebust #1A: The Trouble with Meerkats (Part 1/2)

Stardate: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Yesterday, Memeology 101 whom I may not necessarily agree with on lots of things posted this excellent little expose video on how badly Drekkies are treating Anas Abdin just for protecting his creation form being ripped off by a show they love:
But there's one pathetic Drekkie named Ben Berwick who goes by the online persona of "Meerkat Musings" on social media and he has his own website too.  I stumbled across this Meerkat's tweet whic is featured in the above video on one of Ans Abdin's tweets so I decided to reply and this caused an argument which he set himself up for.  He claims he is trying to help Anas avoid legal trouble and that we True Trek fans are somehow "only using him".  I'll be kicking off this blog with a response to a couple of Meerkat Drekkie's posts starting with Lies, Slander and the Despicable with his words in "italics" and my words in regular font:

"I provide the above link because I’m mentioned in it, as I’m apparently a ‘pro-CBS troll’ for urging Abdins to not listen to the cowards and liars. Liars like Doomcock, for example, who, among others, has pushed Abdins into a lawsuit that could ruin him financially, despite having already lost one such suit."

 Regardless of whether or not any of Anas Abdin's allies are cowards and liars or not is irrelevant, he's not gonna listen to you so I'd knock this off if I were you.  Since you're an aspiring writer, you should ask yourself how you'd feel if a big corporation ripped you off and the court ruled against you and let your plagiarizers get away with it?  This is were you must be very careful what you wish for in case you might get it.

"There is no case to answer. CBS have been found not guilty as it were, yet the anti-DSC crowd have been almost hysterical in their bid to get Abdins to carry out further legal action, despite Abdins being the one who face all the risks and suffer all the consequences when such a case fails. It’s a mark of how Doomcock et al care only about destroying a show they don’t like, and if someone gets ruined in the process, that’s not their problem."

 Just because the Judge ruled in favor of the plagiarists doesn't necessarily mean that they're not guilty.  For starters, CBS was rude to Anas when he tried to contact them which is what drove the case to court in the first place, suggesting threat they had something to hide.  If they were really innocent, they would've replied to Anas when he first tired to contact them to clarify things, but that wasn't the case.  True that there are manchildrin like Doomcock in my anti-STD ranks, but that doesn't change the fact that Anas is still upset anyway about being ripped off.  If Anas get legally hurt as you threatening will happen to him if he doesn't back down on his appeal, we will still feel for him and be angry at the judge for letting the plagiarist bullies go unpunished.

"More troubling are the death threat claims. I am not about to suggest Abdins is lying about those. They serve as a reminder that both sides of this equation can be despicable. There is nothing to be gained from such behaviour, and it must stop. If we are to consider ourselves Trekkies, we need to pause for a moment and remember the ideals of the show. I am reminded of Batleth Babe’s article – and why it’s perhaps better to disengage from the haters."

The death threats only makes our point about STD's guilt in this case even stronger since fans of an innocent show wouldn't act like that towards their show's accuser(s).  Donald Trump whom we both vehemently oppose threatened his accusers whom he touched and raped thus showing his guilt.  While I agree that such behavior must stop on both sides but if we are to consider ourselves Trekkies, we must 1) admit that STD is not Star Trek, 2) not defend plagiarists like by denying their crimes, and 3) stop it with the violent threats.  On Batleth Babe's article you've mentioned, this plagiarism case revokes any validity she may have had since plagiarism and bad court rulings that let plagiarists get away with it shouldn't go unpunished.

That's all from that Meerkat's idiotic post of yesterday now I will tackle his trash post of today about me, A Blast from the Past in which he shows his inital tweet to Anas and my original reply to it so here's what he had to say:

"Well this is a blast from the past. A few years ago, I ended up in a tit-for-tat discussion with someone who was virulently opposed to a website I happen to be a member of. He enjoyed large-scale poisoning of the well against its members, so I wrote up some stuff that challenged his claims. I am pretty certain this is the same guy. Kirkman1701 was once known as OrionSagan, and I happen to know his real name, though I won’t advertise that on here. It’s greatly ironic that he complains of poisoning the well, even though this has been a ‘go-to’ tactic of his in the past. You can follow the conversation on Twitter if you want, it’s lengthy though!"

I wasn't poisoning the well against StarDestroyer.Net members since Mike Wong's rapsheet was massive, especially in 1999 and the early 2000s when DarkStar recorded it on his how archived website like Wong's failed attempt at a legal threat in 2003.  You on the other hand poisoned the well against the anti-STD Trekkies who were supporting Anas Abdin in his legal fight an appeal by claiming that we're somehow "don't really care about the guy and only use him".  Even if the unfavorable information you provide about Anas' allies is true which some of it about some of them are is, that doesn't detract form the fact that Klutzman ripped Anas off.  In 2014, my friend had you and I make a truce yet you later borke that truce as evident in comments you posted to me on this Titan A.E. Motivational Poster later that year .

And one more thing Meerkat Drekkie: if I were you, I wouldn't have even tried to talk to Anas in the first place regardless of the reasons for doing so since you set yourself up and opened a can of worms onto yourself.

To Be Continued...

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